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Boardwalk Blend -Medium Roast - (2.5oz Bags)

Boardwalk Blend -Medium Roast - (2.5oz Bags)

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Wake up to the perfect cup of coffee with Boardwalk Blend. Our medium-roasted blend of South American beans is crafted to guarantee a bold, smokey, and nutty flavor with a full-bodied aroma that will transport you back to your morning strolls along the Jersey Shore. With Boardwalk Blend, every morning can be that much sweeter as the flavor lingers to differentiate itself from other coffees. It's perfect for pairing with those delectable desserts and pastries from the local boardwalk shops, or if you want to enjoy a classic cup of joe on its own. Let Boardwalk Blend be your way to start off your day in style, just like those mornings by the shoreline.

Available in Ground Only.
Each case contains 42 2.5oz bags. 6.56lbs of coffee / 2 Case Minimum Order
*Order 15 Cases and receive 10% Off 



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