Espresso  - Medium Roast - (1lb & 5lb Bags)

Espresso - Medium Roast - (1lb & 5lb Bags)

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Our Espresso is sure to please with its bold and robust flavor. This intense blend guarantees a full-bodied flavor in every sip. The smooth notes of nuttiness lend an edge of complexity and balance out the dark, rich flavor profile. Drinkers will be amazed by how little bitterness can be detected in a cup so full of character and body. Despite its strong taste, this espresso has a lightness that's sure to satisfy even the most experienced java enthusiasts.

Available in Ground or Whole Bean.

Packaged in 1lbs bags or 5lb bags - 10lbs per case / 2 Case minimum order

*Order 100 lbs of the same grind and packing type and receive 10% Off *